Why Volunteer?

There is a different reason for everyone as to why they volunteer. Some will say that this is their way to give back to their community, while others may be looking to add some excitement and new challenges to their lives. There are also some that are just searching for the camaraderie that the fire service is known for.

What Volunteer Positions are Available?

At the Newburg Fire Department we have a few different positions for volunteering. We take applications from those who wish to become firefighters, EMT's, or an Athletic Club member. Applications are accepted from those who are at least 16 years old to be Junior Firefighters. If you would wish to volunteer in a different way, you can apply to be an athletic club member. For our Athletic Club you must be at least 18 years old. Our Athletic Club maintains the park and grounds, along with other various tasks.

Are there any benefits?

Yes! While NFD members are not paid there are many tangible rewards for serving.

  • Free Schooling (Firefighter 1 & 2, EMT-Basic)
  • Free Training (In House and Training Events outside of our department)
  • Free Gym Usage
  • Free Turnout Gear and Class-A Uniform
  • Length of Service Award program (LOSA) (A financial incentive/retirement stipend created by 1999 Wisconsin Act 105)
  • Challenges and Opportunities within a Team Environment

What are the expectations for a volunteer?

  1. As a new member you’ll be expected to make 75% of the training's throughout the year. Training is done every Monday starting at 6 PM.
  2. EMT's are required to sign up for 30 hours each month. These hours are signed up for Friday nights and the weekend.

What training would you be required to complete?

As a firefighter you are expected to complete the Firefighter 1 course and pass the WI state exam. For our EMT's, you are expected to complete the EMT-Basic course and pass the National Registry exam. Both courses are taken through our local technical college.

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our department. Give us a call or stop in on any Monday night during our weekly drill. Click Here to Download an Application and Volunteer Today.